"Laughter, still the best Medicine"


Recalling a personal experience, Joe Stoddard writes;

On the evening of Tuesday, September 11th, the day of the unbelievable terrorist attack on our Nation I was due to speak and perform my one man comedy and music show.

You can imagine the dilemma in deciding how to take the audience from the tragedy of the day to the humor of the moment. Following a moment of silence, my introduction was complete. That show will be in my mind forever as the one confirming that laughter is truly medicine for the soul. "The best medicine!" 

The moment of silence seemed to give everyone an opportunity to reflect and show respect for those most effected by this tragic event. The comedy and music was a remedy for their personal pain. We sang and laughed until tears of sadness were replaced with tears of joy. 

They wanted and asked for more. We sang and laughed and danced in the aisles. A one hour show ended after two and a half! They wanted more. They needed more. 

Finally it was over. Everyone was gone. I stood alone in the empty room reflecting. And standing there, still able to feel the energy we had all shared, I realized that I needed the experience just as much everyone else.

We laughed. We sang. We danced. We began to heal.