Some have characterized Stoddard and Cole by saying, "It's like mixing the Everly Brothers with the Smothers Brothers."

We agree to a point but would describe their show more as having three main parts:

High Energy Music

Great solo vocals along with crisp clean harmonies combined with solid musicianship on guitars, bass and trombone create their signature sound. It's a very full sound that sounds like a full band. Their signature sound alone energizes audiences at any venue.


This is universal classic comedy that reaches all age groups and backgrounds. We're not talking about a slight chuckle here and there. This is truly sidesplitting laugh till you cry humor. The combination of Joe Stoddard's physical humor and natural comedic ability and the talented acting skills of straight man Tom Cole creates an experience audiences will never forget!

Audience Participation

By wining over the audience with great music and comedy, a magical connection is created between these entertainers and their audience. Through this connection the audience is eager to join in the energy of the moment and become involved. Audience members are often included when brought up on stage while others are drawn in even more when hearing the enthusiastic response. It is truly a phenomenon!