Take one very talented and funny Entertainer – Joe Stoddard and mix in a very skilled Straight man – Tom Cole and you have a whole new dynamic!

A dynamic reminiscent of the Smothers Brothers.

Take one very strong singer and Musician – Stoddard and mix in another very strong singer and musician – Cole and you have Musical Synergy!

A Synergy reminiscent of the Everly Brothers.

And, now they’re BACK! Yes it TRUE! The legend of Stoddard and Cole lives on!

This dynamic Duo thrilled and charmed audiences for years with their unique blend of Comedy, Audience Interaction and High Energy Music.

And now, just when you thought it was safe to come out of the house, these two have reunited and are currently in rehearsal for their next TOUR!

Stay tuned for details about upcoming shows! Anything can happen and it probably will!